So this is what I've been doing (off work this week): watching this icicle grow. The last measurement was 5 feet long! 

What I did today....installed a garbage disposer! Required puzzling out a slight alteration to the drain pipes. Photos of installed disposer and the ACTUAL tools required (which differed from the instructions).

YES, that's a car jack!
Greetings from the Lojewski's! Craig, I'd love to see that model when it is complete! Bob and I are healthy and isolated. We go to town once a week or less, as we have a 20 minute drive to the gate, our mail box, and the trash dumpster. Scroll down to see what we've been doing. Tedi (Horn section) 

 We go on a 2-4 mile hike from our home here in Crystal Park almost every day; View from a recent hike overlooking Garden of the Gods....

Since we could not go camping with our Colorado Teardrop Camper Group, we had a campout in our garage with a virtual group campfire. Our campouts always have a theme....

I've also been spending time with my granddaughters on Zoom. We are learning to play the ukulele. This is my new travel uke...
All is well on this end. Trying to keep my embouchure in shape but I have to admit, it is much more fun playing with a group. I sure hope we can be up and running for July 4th. On the other hand, I'd rather we are all safe than try to push this thing too fast.

I, too, have been dusting off old things. I have two band pieces that I started arranging quite some time ago. I came across them when I was transferring files over to my new computer (and I am ever so grateful I bought my new PC prior to the lock down). They have been added to my list of music to work on during this period of being apart. Maybe I'll have something ready when we get back together again.

One positive thing about being in this forced isolation period -- you don't have to make that tough decision whether or not you should cancel band rehearsal due to the weather. I wrote a piece for all the small ensemble groups I'm involved with - it's called: "Is It Spring Yet?" It seems so appropriate what with winter lingering on and on like it has.  
I'd like to encourage people to hike at Mueller (as some of us have done!) and most of the trails and THs are open. If you want to post a Mueller photo, the one I sent to you of Brook Pond from Red Tail Overlook would not be a bad choice. 
no changes here, except my file cabinets have slightly more room in them. Maybe they'll have more room if I can keep this up--trying to do a little every day (that's as much as I can stand!).
Take Care and Stay Safe,
Chris is going crazy painting the inside of the house, which means I get to "help!" Business is still "essential" but since realtors can't do showings is effectively mostly halted. Practicing guitar and clarinet lots, and we got a dog for Nova so are working on her manners and getting her weight up and healthy. Chris gets to try a webinar for his home inspection classes at the end of next week, that should be fun with our wifi........
Checking in! Sharon and I are still healthy and safe :) She’s still working (working now as we speak), and I’m stuck at home! Day 24 for me here. Been playing PlayStation, doing push-ups ups, and practicing my horn to keep my chops up! Only leave the house to get more alcohol and food :):) 

Craig,. Everyone is doing well at the Berrys. Hope you are doing well also. 
One of the many things I am doing during this quarantine while 
re-learning the trumpet, I decided I would also relearn to play bluegrass. Started this in college and kept it up till my mid-30s. Easier to relearn than the trumpet :). Julie is painting up a storm and we finished her website. cuttingfineart.com. Stay safe both of you, and we will see you later. 
Good morning..my day gets started after Perry Mason is over. Then comes breakfast. Then play with my 2 dogs. We run up and down the hall a couple of times for exercise. 
 Also play sudoku. But the most fun I have is my journey to the grocery store . I can hardly wait for band to start. 
Status on my Mom about the same, she fades a bit each day. Keep praying she will be able to just relax and pass into heaven quickly. It is very challenging even for Hospice to care for Nursing Home patients these days so a lot of virtual stuff and for me a lot of time on the phone and texting as I am the funnel for the family. They arranged and placed calls to everyone I know she would want to hear from one last time and that was special if hard. Trying to organize what I can in advance and grateful for all the support from the staff and hospice and pastor as we have everything set in the event we can't get down there for a few months yet. 
Oh, Ron had a nice birthday yesterday (15 April) with in home gourmet dinner of cocoa-rubbed mesquite smoked pork loin and applesauce spice cake. :-)
Went on a 6 mile hike yesterday at Red Rocks Canyon, 2 of us "old " biddies, ages 77 and 79+.
Also dug out my old sketch book and am renewing my interest in drawing animals,
 particularly horses.

Clean house some, done a LOT of sorting, badly needed!
Keeping in touch with family and friends via emails, snail mail and phone calls, all doing well, thank God, just getting bored
I am "tutoring" my grandkids for their schooling every day. It has been so wonderful to have this special time with them. I have also been enjoying walks, and seeing so many more people out walking than I usually do. I am thankful for all the technology to remain connected with friends and family. I am also preparing to volunteer for the state on the Covidline (telehealth) - I passed my background check.... Ha!
I am continuing to work through this crisis People are still on hospice. Have had several deaths but not related to the virus. When at home, I relax by crocheting a table cloth for my great niece's wedding in August. I also try to practice though time is limited. due to a heavy patient load right now. I MISS BAND!!

So besides eating and drinking vino, my daily activities during the quarantine include hiking on our local trail and practicing flute and drums. (also known as "How to Bug Your Husband 101")
I miss my ensembles and BAND!!!!
I’ll have to get out and take pictures of the chimney and weather vane we installed along with cleaning out the two outbuildings so they could have their roof decks insulated with spray foam. We took advantage of the buildings being empty or nearly so in Chip’s case to paint and/or stain and seal the floors too. 
As for Bryan...I've been.keeping my hands busy. Before the weather turned cold and wet, Judy and I did quite a bit of yard work. So great to be outside.
The blue item is a doggie sweater that I made for good friends Beth and Fred Tinsley's dog Bo. I have yet to.fit it to him and sew on the buttons. 
The shell lamp is a lamp shade I made from shells collected on a cruise on a friends yacht in the keys and up Florida's west coast.
Finally, the stained glass window I am making for Craig and Bev for all their great work to keep us together and in touch. The geods I got in a rock shop several years ago in Pagosa Springs. I ran out of copper foil yesterday. Thank goodness for Hobby Lobby on line ordering.

As for Judy... this is my 56th day of self-isolation because of my lungs, and I am mostly anchored to my oxygen concentrator. But I'm not stir-crazy and spend time doing paperwork (even filed for Social Security!), watching movies (with Bryan), reading books, cleaning the house (one small part at a time), working outside when the weather is good (and when I feel energetic), and taking Dante for short walks. Bryan's doing his best cooking to fatten me up! Life is good!

Craig and everyone else.
I‘m enjoying the quiet out here in Lake George, going for walks, reading, cooking and cleaning. Praying that God will protect you all and we will be back together soon.
I found a neat video I hope you will enjoy. 

Take care and hope to see you soon.

"Oh, Man, this helps me a lot!"
For the past several weeks the Mountain Brass (plus guest drummer;-) has been creating this clip of The Hipster.  They had probably to learn more technology than actual music.  A click track was created.  Each member had to perform their part listening to the click track through ear buds while video recording their individual part.  After spending quite a bit of time uploading their part to me, I then merged their part into the finished product.

It was definitely a labor of LOVE!
Over the years Chuck has been purchasing from eBay all of these instruments (Trumpets and Cornets).  
During this Self Isolation time he has been reconditioning them.  If any of you are interested in having a great instrument at a great price, let him know.  (Cell Phone-719-649-3229)
Craig has been keeping busy during this covid 19 pandemic building a model of the Danish Ship-